When will my order arrive?

Because many of our items are customized and printed to order, we ask that you allow for 7-10 business days of production time prior to shipping. Many times orders are able to be produced more quickly, depending on demand at the time. Shipping times can vary, but generally take 7-10 business days as well. For more on shipping, please see our shipping policy here.


What is your refund policy?

We do our best to make sure that you are purrfectly pleased with your items. For detailed info, please see our refund policy here


Why is your mascot Timothy the cat so cute?

Because he is a kitty, and kitties are the most purrfect creatures that have ever existed. It's just science.


I have an idea for item I'd like to be added to the store, who should I talk to?

We love ideas! While we can't guarantee that every recommended item will be added to our store, we will do our best to get our sitters the items they are asking for the most. Please email us at store@meowtel.com with your ideas!